Industrial Oils

ADM is a market leader in natural-source, high-performance oils used for a broad range of industrial applications?including lubricants, rubber, asphalt, oilfield, mining, personal care, polymers, coatings, adhesives and many others. Our modified oils use hydrogenation, polymerization and specialty blends to enhance individual oil performance.? We offer both heat-polymerized and blown soybean, canola, and rapeseed oils with a wide range of viscosities.?Our linseed oils, soybean oils and copolymer oils are key components in paints and coatings, printers’ inks, resins and candles.

Our linseed oil products are available in qualities ranging from raw and fully refined, to low acid-range (OKO?) and medium acid-range (Alinco?) heat-polymerized oils. Our soybean and other oils are available from fully refined to the highest quality and are also available in liquid and solid modified form.

Our linseed oils and soybean oils are used in a variety of high-quality inks and consumer products. Our linseed oils are also used in a variety of primers, paints and stains. We also offer copolymers with good solubility in petroleum-type thinners and solvents.

Candle makers use our soybean oil in place of paraffin to make cleaner-burning wax.

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